4 Action Steps To START Getting Unstuck In Life

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4 Action Steps To START Getting Unstuck In Life

According to Oracle, a global study revealed that 75% of people feel stuck in their lives personally and professionally.

Settling for a life without passion is no way to live. Feeling stuck, trapped, or imprisoned sucks the joy out of life, making it nearly impossible to be happy.

Do you feel unhappy, depressed, or dissatisfied with life or a specific area of your life? Life’s too short to settle for unhappiness.  

Everyone feels stuck occasionally; it happens, but staying stuck is a choice. 

Here are four steps to start getting unstuck so you can feel happier and more fulfilled.

Stop Sticking Your Head In The Sand

The best way to STAY stuck is to avoid what you know you must do to get unstuck.

Making the hard choice isn’t easy because it can involve conflict, pain, arguments, stress, or change.

For example, many people feel stuck in jobs they hate but are afraid to switch careers because they might get something worse or lose money and benefits.

The devil we know is always less scary than the devil we don’t know.

The same holds true for relationships. Even when a relationship is filled with pain, avoiding the issues feels easier than dealing with them. Maybe you’re unhappy in your relationship, but you know that by leaving things the way you won’t upset the apple cart and make things worse.

What difficult choices are you avoiding? 

If you want to stay stuck, do nothing. But unlocking your best life requires the courage to face the music and make the hard choices. Do what you must do even if it scares you to death because you deserve a happy and fulfilling life. 

Don’t Be So Dramatic – Make Little Changes

Evaluate the hard decision you’ve been avoiding; chances are you can break it down into a series of small steps to keep it from being so overwhelming. Identify two, three, or four small choices that make up the BIG decision you’ve been avoiding.

To get unstuck, start with smaller choices you can stomach to create momentum and boost your courage as you slowly shift your life in a direction you want to go. Making a series of small choices gives you the experience to be a better decision-maker overall. 

Improve Yourself, Not Them

How often do we blame our situation on someone else? We wish things to be different, but we want it to start with them, not ourselves because we see them or the situation as the problem.  

But what if your feelings of being stuck or trapped are rooted in disempowering beliefs you accept as truth about yourself?

Could the root cause be a lack of confidence or low self-esteem? Could it be because of the habit of procrastination, a conflict in values, or low standards?

If you feel stuck personally or professionally, take a long, hard look at yourself before dealing with your situation because your circumstances tend to improve when you improve yourself.  

Striving to become a stronger and more capable version of yourself results in an optimistic outlook, more peace and contentment, and greater confidence.

You will focus less on your problems and more on solutions; you’ll stop missing opportunities because you believe you deserve your dreams, and that it’s actually possible to reach them! 

What are some obstacles keeping you from unlocking your best life? What parts of yourself can you change and improve to create the better life you dream of and long for?

Be You!

Sometimes, when people feel trapped or stuck, they’re not being true to themselves; they’re trying to be something they’re not or living someone else’s plan of their life. 

You’ll never be happy, free, or fulfilled as long as you live to please others and earn their approval.

They have their own lives to live; they don’t need yours.

Be true to who you are and the kind of person you want to become!

Be authentic.

But being authentic doesn’t mean you don’t try to become a better version of yourself; it doesn’t mean people are supposed to “put up with you” because that’s just how you are.

Be true to your higher self – your authentic self. 

Only by being true to yourself will you ever be happy and free. If people don’t like you or reject who you are, so what? Being something you’re not to please people or earn their approval is a surefire way to be miserable. 

Just because you feel stuck doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck; everyone feels trapped occasionally, but happy and healthy people don’t choose to stay stuck. 

These four action steps can shift your life in the direction your heart is pointing so you can finally start unlocking your best life! 

Remember, feeling stuck or trapped is an illusion because, deep within your heart, you know what you must face to change things; all you have to do is find the courage to make one choice that’ll improve your life today. 

Author- Lifestyle Magazine 

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