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Total Human

Convenient day and night packs complete with essential vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids to optimize yourself with ease.†

Total Human






The day and night packs travel with you, giving you the optimum effects when and where you need them. In just a few seconds a day, you can easily and efficiently provide your body with what it needs to thrive. Whether you’re at work, working out, or otherwise doing what you love, the Total Human Day Pack supports your focus, energy, endurance, and general wellness to keep you on point and performing effortlessly at your best.†




The flagship nootropic for mental speed, clarity, and focus. Supplies building blocks for neurotransmitters and sets a base level of cognitive acuity.†


Clinically-studied, stimulant-free formula for cellular energy and cardiovascular endurance, with adaptogens, and Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin).†


Strontium, boron, and other vitamins to help nourish bones and joints.†


A complete suite of methylated B-Vitamins to help energy production, cognitive performance, and neural communication.†



Everything about your physical, mental, and emotional states is different in the morning than the evening. Just like how you wouldn't drink coffee to fall asleep, the nutrients and ingredients that assist you at work or working out are not the same nutrients you take to relax and unwind at the end of the day. The Total Human Night Pack helps you turn off the lights with a peaceful smile, and nourishes your body with the raw materials it needs to wake up feeling at your peak potential.



Valerian root, chamomile, jujube, and other deeply relaxing herbs help you to pause and smile while dealing with daily stress.†


A layer of armor, this formulation contains L-Lysine, Vitamin C, Selenium, and other antioxidant and immune system support.†


Appropriately named and packed with calcium, boron, magnesium, molybdenum, and iodine to support bone and overall body health.†

The Easiest Way
to Get Optimized

There’s no shortage of options for vitamins and supplements, but which ones do you need?

Total Human is a complete re-imagining of the daily multivitamin, combining many of our best-in-class formulas into a simple & effective all-in-one product.

Not simply one pill, Total Human is a dense, rich dose of a myriad of Earth-grown nutrients and clinically-studied ingredients specifically balanced to support the brain, mood, energy, bones, immune system, joint health, and more.†

These formulas come in convenient day and night packs, each aimed at building you up while you work, and working while you sleep.†

There’s no easier way to get optimized.


Better Than A Multivitamin

Most “all-in-one” supplements just don’t cut it. They aren’t targeting specific systems, and the inclusion of vitamins and minerals are often at bare minimum levels. There is not one single “magic pill” you can take that could possibly provide your body with optimum support, and if recommended daily allowances were all you needed, most everyone would be thriving. That is part of why recent reports have come out saying “multivitamins don’t work.”

That’s also why Total Human was created to be a rich collection of high-quality nutrients, each purpose-driven to provide a tide of benefits to support your body, mind, joint health, immune system, energy, mood, and other aspects of your well-being.† It’s not a multivitamin, but rather a collection of megavitamins, also containing the clinically-studied ingredients direct from our most popular supplement