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Grass-Fed Whey Protein Bar



Made with over 60 plant ingredients
& ridiculously delicious

Unfair Flavor Advantage


Vanilla Almond Crisp

16G Protein
11G Fiber
8G Fat
4G Sugar

This bar's distinctive taste combines vanilla's strongly aromatic and warm, floral notes with the hearty, creamy goodness of almond. Leaving your taste buds with a gentle but distinct flavor, perfect for any time of day.



Chocolate Mint Fudge

16G Protein
10G Fiber
7G Fat
6G Sugar

With a flavor combination as old as time, this bar offers just enough decadence and the right amount of protein to help muscles recover post-workout, while satisfying the most tenacious sweet tooth.



Blueberry Walnut Crunch

15G Protein
10G Fiber
9G Fat
5G Sugar

Each bite offers a rich sweetness followed by a sharp, nutty finish. This bar is to be savored. Eat it slowly and enjoy.

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