Legendary Foods- Seasoned Almonds

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Get all four flavors of Legendary Foods seasoned almonds in one convenient variety pack!  We take the guesswork out of choosing a snack that not only provides nutrition, but tastes amazing. Indulge in our seasoned nut variety pack and always have a snack that helps curb your cravings with low carbs, no added sugar, and bold flavors that taste like junk food.

Add variety to your life

Legendary Foods seasoned nut snack variety pack contains 4 - 4oz bags of our delicious seasoned almonds. Get a bag of our Cheddar Bacon Almonds and indulge without feeling guilty or worry about adding junk to your diet. Or, give into your spicy cravings with a bag of our Buffalo Blue Wing Seasoned Almonds and cool things down with a bag of our Tangy Ranch Almonds. For days when you're craving pizza but don't want the carb overload, enjoy our Pizza flavored almonds.