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    • With 24 grams of protein per serving, your shakes just got better and your baking got tastier! Introducing our Chocolate Hormone-Free whey protein powder. A rich, chocolate flavor without any additives that can be shaken or stirred in as a flour replacement into your baking recipes. YES, WHEY!  Our chocolate protein powder tastes great and has even been certified gluten-free!   

    • *Please note this product is not Kosher



Description -Vanilla

  • Simple, yet delicious. Buff Bake’s Vanilla Hormone-Free Whey Protein can be used in your morning shakes or in your favorite baking recipes.  Yes, whey...replace the flour with this powder. One serving packs a powerful 24g of protein so you can fuel your body to take on the day.

    Our vanilla flavored protein powder tastes great, is certified gluten-free, and has no added sugar!

*Please note this product is not Kosher