Ambrosia- Mind, Body, Soul Collection

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Mind, Body, and Soul Collection | Nektar® + Mental Jewels® + Night Owl
by Ambrosia Collective 


Nektar - Get 13 proven nutrients that are terrific for heart health, metabolism, cholesterol, prostate, and brain. 

Mental Jewels - One of our best sellers, Mental Jewels enhances mental focus and concentration. 

Night Owl - Blue light from phones, TVs, and other devices can disrupt sleep. Night Owl uses proven compounds to block blue light and help your dad get deep, restful sleep. 

Includes a Planta Banana Maple French Toast Sample - Planta™ is probably the best-tasting Vegan-friendly plant protein in the world. Planta™ also contains SunBCAA™ amino acids at a full 2:1:1 ratio and is crafted from organic brown rice protein and organic pea protein. Planta™ contains 100 calories per serving, 20g of protein, and 27 vitamins and minerals. Planta™ is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle or if you’re trying to find delicious ways to get more protein in your diet. 

Nektar • Mental Jewels • Night Owl • Planta Samples