Fits Stop is a company that has deep root in the Fitness and Wellness industries. Our website, is a source point for premium products that enhance workout, provide post-workout restoration, maintenance, dietary aids and enhancers, wellness formulas from the leading producers of high quality, high purity products. Our website even offers health and wellness products for pets!

 Fit Stop Store has an active Ambassador Program offering incentives to active users of our products that is a Win-Win proposition for all.

Another facet of Fit Stop is our ability to place state-of-the art vending machines into gyms, health clubs office buildings, and anyplace where clean, pure wholesome products would be desired. We work with our Vending Partners to develop individualized offerings for their customers / employees. And we do all this while sharing the revenues derived from the machine sale with the facility / business where the machine is located.

Always looking for ways to increase and enhance our service to all our customers and partners we are exploring new and exciting methods of delivery, and ever wider product offerings.



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